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ACER S 5201 M 3D Ready (EY.JBG05.001)

ACER S 5201 M 3D Ready (EY.JBG05.001)

Typ: DLP
Ljusstyrka: 3000ANSI Lumen
Kontrast: 3000:1
Upplösning: 1024 x 768
Vikt: 3.5Kg
Högtalare: Ja
fr. 212:-/mån  

Eller köp till studentpris: 6 579:-
På lager: Mindre än 10 st
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Acer S5201M DLP-projektor - 3D

Typ av enhet




Inbyggda enheter


Ljusstyrka för bild

3000 ANSI lumen




XGA (1024 x 768)

Ursprungligt visningsformat



1,07 miljarder färger

Typ av lampa

P-VIP 230 Watt


2500 timme/timmar / 4000 timme/timmar (strömsparläge)


RGB, S-video, sammansatt video, komponentvideo ( PAL-B/G, PAL-N, PAL-M, PAL-I, NTSC 4.43, NTSC 3.58, PAL-D, SECAM L, PAL-H, SECAM K1, SECAM D/K, SECAM B/G )

Digital videostandard

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)


480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 480i, 576i, 576p


Högtalare - integrerad


AC 120/230 V

Energiförbrukning vid drift

315 Watt

Dimensioner (BxDxH)

29 cm x 25.4 cm x 9.9 cm


3.5 kg

Enhet DLP-projektor
3D-kapabel Ja
Inbyggda enheter Stereohögtalare
Ljusstyrka för bild 3000 ANSI lumen
Bildljusstyrka (reducerad) 2400 ANSI lumen
Bildkontrastförhållande 3000:1
Bildstorlek 102 cm - 762 cm
Projektionsavstånd 0.5 m - 3.7 m
Homogenitet 90 %
Digital zoomfaktor 2x
Upplösning XGA - XGA (1024 x 768) (okomprimerat)/ 1920 x 1080 (storleksändrad)
Ursprungligt visningsformat 4:3
Färgstöd 1,07 miljarder färger
Max synkroniseringskapacitet (V x H) 120 Hz x 100 kHz
Typ av lampa P-VIP 230 Watt
Lamplivslängd 2500 timme/timmar / 4000 timme/timmar (strömsparläge)
Egenskaper ColorBoost II+ Technology, DLP 3D Ready
Fokuseringstyp Manuell
Bländaröppning F/7.5
Riktning för keystone-korrigering Vertikal
Vertikal keystone-korrigering -40 / +40
Analog videosignal RGB, S-video, sammansatt video, komponentvideo
Digital videostandard High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
Videogränssnitt VGA, composite video, S-Video
Videoformat 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 480i, 576i, 576p
Typ Integrerad
Ljudutgångsläge Stereo
Uteffekt / kanal 5 Watt
Högtalar(e) 2 x höger / vänster kanal
Typ Extern
Gränssnitt 1 x USB - 4 pin USB typ B ( hantering )
1 x nätverk - RJ-45
1 x VGA-utgång - 15-pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
2 x VGA-/komponentvideoingång - 15-pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
1 x ingång för sammansatt video - RCA
1 x S-videoingång - 4 pin mini-DIN
1 x seriell RS-232 - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) ( hantering )
2 x linjeutgång för ljud - minihörlurskontakt, stereo 3,5 mm
1 x mikrofon - minihörlurskontakt, stereo 3,5 mm
Inkluderade tillbehör Fodral, trådlös fjärrkontroll
Medföljande kablar 1 x VGA-kabel
1 x kompositvideokabel
Nätdel Intern
Nominell spänning AC 120/230 V
Energiförbrukning vid drift 315 Watt
Energiförbrukning vid drift (vänteläge) 1 Watt
Dimensioner och vikt
Bredd 29 cm
Djup 25.4 cm
Höjd 9.9 cm
Vikt 3.5 kg
Ljudnivå 33 dBA
Ljudemission (ekonomiläge) 28 dBA

Preparing 21st century students for real world challenges requires the use of sustainable technology to help improve their academic achievements. Acer goal is to assist educators and administrators in improving the learning process providing them with innovative and interactive solutions. The key features that are necessary for schools have now been integrated into the new Acer S5201M projector, such as LAN control, display over USB, Lens Shift, Ultra-Short Throw projection to help creating a compelling learning environment.

Specifically developed for the educational segment, the S5201M features the innovative Interactive Whiteboard solution, a technology that transforms a standard screen into an interactive one that can be operated directly via the Acer SmartPen. With the SmartPen, teachers and students can launch applications, open and close windows just like using a mouse. Or, users can draw or make comments on the projected image, making lessons more appealing and interactive. What’s more, the SmartPen allows users to interact with the projected image directly by simply touching the screen or remotely, drawing or operating applications from a distance, thus affording greater flexibility.

The Crestron Network System offers complete control of the projector via LAN. This solution offers several powerful capabilities, including monitoring, remote power on/off (may be scheduled), remote projection management, multiple-projector control, emergency text broadcasting, online dialogue with the system administrator and e-mail alert system, etc. In addition, Remote desktop function allows users to remotely access any PC which is activated via the Acer eProjection utility and connected to the projector via LAN. By simply connecting a keyboard and mouse to the projectors users can access a PC located in another room.

The Acer S5201M can also transform any lesson into a stunning 3D experience. The three-dimensional experience is made possible by DLP 3D Ready technology that, using high (120 Hz) refresh rates, can transform the flat surface of the room wall into a 3D screen. The possibilities unlocked by this simple solution are limited only by our imagination: exploring the incredible human anatomy or the universe in 3D detail; touring famous archaeological sites just like being there...

With Ultra-Short Throw capability, this projector can display large images even if it is placed very close to the screen. At a distance of just 1 meter sharp and accurate images can be displayed with a diagonal of up to 205 cm (81”). Thanks to this feature presenters can avoid projector beams in the eyes and don’t cast shadows on the screen during their presentations. As a result the S5201M offers greater flexibility and maximum viewing comfort, making it ideal for education.

The quality of images is warranted by top-class technologies designed to enhance colour accuracy and sharpness. The S5201M reproduces images with more natural and balanced shades, achieving truly lifelike tones, thanks to Acer ColorBoost II+ featuring an optimised 6-segment colour wheel design, a powerful image processor and an advanced lamp waveform to improve colour performance. Colour brightness is enhanced and automatically adapted to the displayed content with the aid of Acer eView Management.

Over time, projectors can be affected by colour decay that adds a yellowish or greenish shade to the images on screen. Now Acer’s projectors take advantage of ColorSafe II, DLP® technology and Acer unique colour compensation technology on the optical components to ensure picture integrity even after prolonged use, making them virtually immune to colour decay.

An HDMI™ port provides seamless connection to the latest digital sources ensuring exceptional high-definition viewing. The advanced lamp technology with illumination of up to 3000 ANSI lumens a 3000:1 contrast ratio and native XGA resolution help bringing a new level of brightness, colour and clarity to the images.

Thanks to the innovative wall-colour compensation feature, the projector can display colours accurately even when the image is projected on a coloured wall. The user simply has to choose the wall colour in the OSD menu, and the projector intelligently compensates the colour of the displayed image. In addition, the 40° Vertical Keystone Correction fixes vertical distortions so that the displayed image is always perfectly rectangular, no matter where the projector is placed and lastly, users can easily change the lamp module even when the projector is mounted on the ceiling thanks to the Acer Top-loading Lamp design.

Up to 4000 hours of lamp life save lamp replacement costs ensuring long-term dependable projector use. The extended lifespan and consistent image quality lower the total cost of ownership and translate to big savings. Further savings are ensured by the innovative DLP chip, enabling a filter-free design for lower maintenance and operating costs.
What’s more, the S5201M comes with Acer EcoProjection, an environment friendly management solution that reduces standby power consumption by up to 80%. The projector automatically enters ECO mode if there isn’t any input signal for 5 minutes, with up to 20% additional power savings and automatically performs a safety shutdown if it does not receive input for a certain time. Also included in the Acer EcoProjection suite is Acer ePower Management, a tool that lets you create customised power-saving configurations.

To improve ease-of-use, Acer projectors are equipped with Empowering Technology, a suite of tools designed to simplify access to simple setup, viewing and timer utilities, making you more productive and helping get the right message across first time.

Acer S5201M video-projector comes with 5 years warranty on the DLP chip and 1 year warranty on the lamp.

Även om vi gör vårt bästa för att ge relevant information, så är bilderna bara till för att ge ett generellt intryck, och själva varan behöver nödvändigtvis inte se ut precis som på bilden. Om det är skillnader mellan produktöverskrift, beskrivning och bild, så är det produktöverskriften som gäller. (tex. Pc:n kommer inte nödvändigtvis med monitor även om bilden visar det) Om något är oklart skicka en e-post till oss före du beställer! Vi förbehåller oss för tryckfel, ändringar av priser och specifikationer utan varsel.
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Vi är ett kreditvärdigt företag enligt Bisnodes värderingssystem som baserar sig på en mängd olika beslutsregler. Denna uppgift är alltid aktuell, informationen uppdateras dagligen via Bisnodes databas.